Looking For Car Insurance

sdaa aAre you a high risk driver? Are you having trouble finding car insurance? Well, that’s a bummer, and you aren’t alone.

High risk drivers usually pay higher car insurance premium because of their poor driving history and credit score. If you are convicted with DUI/DWI, then compare your car insurance rate online.

There are thousands of guys with the same kind of problem. Sometimes being a “high risk” driver isn’t your fault, but then again sometimes you just can’t help it – you just love speed, we get it!

Anyways, this usually harbors trouble with the insurance companies, and so you’ll find it hard getting better car insurance quotes, or even not getting insurance at all. High risk drivers are simply too expensive for the insurers.

Don’t lose hope though, I’ll tell you how to go about with this issue.

First off, take the online route. There are thousands of insurance companies offering car insurances for high risk drivers with poor and consistent accident records, or several ticket violations. As a matter of fact, some of the insurers have specialized services for high risk drivers.

With the list of insurance companies online, checkout their discounts. I know the discounts aren’t gonna be much, but just the fact that some of them are willing to offer discounts, then it means that they are committed to helping you out.

When checking the discounts, take note on what the insurance premiums are based on. That is, discounts are usually set according to:

  • Cost of car
  • Cost of repair
  • Driver’s safety record
  • Likelihood of getting stolen

The insurance discounts and incentives offered can also be flexible if you’ve committed yourself into improving your driving record. The same is considered if you take the step to ensuring the safety of your car.

When searching for car insurance as a high risk driver, it’s important that you check what their “deductible” policies look like. That is, deductibles are the amounts of money (from your own pocket) you are willing to put into your car before the insurance comes in.

Committing to put in some of your own money is an attractive step to the insurance companies. But you have to compare what their policies are, and do some little calculations to make sure that you’ll be gaining from the insurance as well.

In other words, if you are willing to part with some of your own money, then the company should be willing to reduce comprehensive coverage cost by something like 30% or so.

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